Helping Local Business Owners Not Waste Time And Money With Their Digital Marketing Efforts

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About Local Business Launcher

So, you own a local business, or perhaps you are just starting one.

On the one hand, you have your business. On the other, there is this thing called the Internet & Digital Marketing.


Especially with all of the different tools, platforms, agencies, freelancers, gurus, courses, and everything else fighting for your time and money.

Which way do you go?

There is a lot of misunderstood information out there that many digital marketing professionals are willing to overlook to secure another sale for their company.

There is not a lot of unbiased, non-sales-focused information that is designed to truly empower local business owners with their digital marketing efforts consistently over time.

There is no actual online marketing standard for local businesses. UNTIL NOW!

Would it surprise you to learn that the Intersection of Your Local Business and the Internet, AKA Digital Marketing, is something you're probably already great at; CUSTOMER SERVICE.

Only these days, excellent customer service starts and ends online.

In a nutshell, that's all digital marketing is; Digital Marketing = Serving People (or meeting their needs) Through The Internet. Pretty easy, right?

We have to help the internet show your business to the right people.

In the past, you listed your business in the phone book because that's where people looked for businesses like yours. Now, the majority will look to the internet and the various types of search engines out there to find a business like yours.

The goal and purpose of this website are NOT TO SELL YOU A SERVICE, but to bring you clarity, so you have the ability to make the right decisions regarding how you promote and market your business online (serve & attract customers through the internet).

It will give you all the information you need to empower your ideal customer to find your business when they turn to the internet for help finding a business like yours.

We aim to bring you this clarity and ability through high-quality education that comes in both free and paid content such as blog posts, articles, case studies, online training, courses, workshops, a support system, and more.

This website is designed to help local business owners take back control of their businesses, their online presence and consistently serve and attract customers through the internet.

Committing yourself and following the guidance found on this website will empower you to create an online presence for your local business that:

  • Serves your current customers or clients
  • Attracts potential new customers or clients
  • Removes stress from your life
  • Is solid yet adaptable
  • Scales with your business
  • And much, much more!

For example, when it comes to a local business website, this site will educate and empower two different types of business owners. Those that would want to build the site themselves and those that know they will want to hire someone else(either internally or externally from their company) to design, build, and maintain the website for them.

Again, this website is designed to empower you to make the best decisions for your business regarding the main aspects of marketing your local business online. This website does not sell a done-for-you service or push you into doing things a certain way. Each company is unique, and so is the online presence and strategy for its digital marketing efforts.

But the fundamental principles behind marketing a business, in general and specifically online, will always remain the same and will always be rooted in providing excellent customer service before, during, and after the sale.

To put it another way: if you are an existing business owner that has wasted time and money in the past on digital marketing efforts and scams, THIS WEBSITE CONTAINS THE FUNDAMENTAL INFORMATION YOU NEEDED TO PREVENT WASTING YOUR TIME AND MONEY. It will empower you not to waste anymore in the future.


It will empower both new and existing business owners to create and maintain a lasting online and offline marketing strategy and presence.

Because it's not that all of those tools and digital marketing services and companies out there are's just that you don't yet fully understand the correct use for those specific tools and might not even need them at any given moment.

What you need is help to figure out what you need, why, and how to get it implemented and put to use for your business as efficiently as possible.

This website was created to help you with that.


Once you have completed the core (free) training course and if you are still looking to partner with a company to help you strategize and implement your core digital marketing strategy, to include building your new website or other efforts, the Local Business Launcher team is available to become your website and digital marketing partner. However, it should be noted here, and it will be strongly encouraged throughout the site, that you, the business owner are not only the best person to do all of this work, but once you have completed, understood, and adopted the methodologies within the core and free training, doing it will not only be easy but exciting and empowering as a business owner; it will make you a better all-around business owner for both your customers and your employees.

But please understand that we will not partner with or perform services on behalf of any business owner that hasn't completed the fundamental and free training every local business owner should have received the day they decided to open their small business or right after they filed for their business license; THE INTERSECTION OF YOUR LOCAL BUSINESS & THE INTERNET: DIGITAL MARKETING 101 FOR LOCAL BUSINESS OWNERS (WHO ACTUALLY CARE ABOUT THEIR CUSTOMERS AND THE QUALITY OF WORK THEY DO AND PUT OUT INTO THE WORLD.)


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